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At Princeton Learning Difference (PLD) we believe that the term learning disability negatively impacts confidence and self-esteem. Most intervention approaches focus on treating the symptoms. We believe that it is possible to target the root cause of key symptoms and create lasting changes in the brain through a combination of scientifically developed physical exercises, 1:1 mentoring, and a personalized plan.

We are the first provider of the Zing Performance program in New Jersey. 



Jonah Tolchin

Jonah completed an early version of the Zing program during his teen years and it changed his life (areas included attention, writing, organization, multitasking, etc) . He has a strong passion for helping those with learning differences succeed and overcome stigma. He created Princeton Learning Difference (PLD) during his final year at Goddard College while obtaining a degree in Education. Jonah has incorporated elements of Systems Thinking through his former training at Cornell University. Through his practice PLD, Jonah is the first provider of Zing Performance in the metropolitan area where he also provides 1:1 mentoring and helps his clients develop personalized plans for success.

Jonah has also had a successful career in the music industry--writing, producing, recording, and performing throughout the world. He has collaborated with his heroes (including Jackson Browne), racked up streams in the millions, and is a voting member of the Recording Academy | Grammys. He is also the co-founder of Princeton Music Lessons (PML) and author of the forthcoming book "ADD Superhero".

Jonah lives in Princeton, NJ with his wife and daughter.

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